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As students progress from elementary to secondary school, important information is shared which eases a student’s transition to secondary school. Sharing this information also improves our ability to program effectively to the benefit of all students. Select student information will be shared at different times as required. This is authorized under the Education Act. Please note that all information used for the transition process is limited, secure and protected at all times. Please contact Tara Connor, Managing Information for Student Achievement (MISA) Leader for the Halton District School Board or your local Superintendent of Education, if you would like more information about the transition process.

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The first time you login, your password will be opt. Once you successfully login you will be prompted to change your password from opt to one of your choosing. You will not be able to gain access to the option selection process until your password is no longer opt.

Regional Programs:
You cannot choose a Regional Program i.e. OYAP, Bronte Creek on-line. If you wish to apply to a Regional Program, you must go to your Guidance office. Please choose all of your courses on-line and then, if you are accepted into a Regional Program, you and your counsellor can adjust your course selection accordingly. If you have already been accepted into a Regional Program please see your Guidance Counsellor. He/She will help you select the correct options for next year.

Changes in Diploma Requirements may affect your choices.

For further information re: Recent Changes please see your Guidance Counsellor.